"George Bacovia" University in Bacău


Trade Co-operative University of Moldova

in partnership with the academic and professional environment

invites you to attend

The International conference:


Economy Transdisciplinarity Cognition - ETC – 7th Edition/2019

which will take place on November 14th -15th , 2019 at the "George Bacovia" University in Bacău.

The conference is organized within the annual scientific events of "George Bacovia" University in Bacau, held between November 12th and 15th, 2019, is a major scientific event that promotes inter and transdisciplinarity and is addressed to all those involved in scientific research and economic and administrative practice.

The purpose of the conference is to create a framework to facilitate the transfer of the results of scientific research to the economic and administrative environment and a relevant dialogue between the academic environments, representatives of the private environment and of the public administration to identify possible solutions to current challenges.

Topics for debate:

  1. The perspective of global economic relations in the process of globalization;
  2. Flexibility of scientific thinking in the economic field in light of new realities;
  3. Dimensions of the economic-financial analysis in the current economic context;
  4. Perspectives of managerial culture in the context of the participation of national economies in the phenomenon of globalization;
  5. National and European institutions involved in the process of globalization.

Registration and participation in the conference

Anyone interested in the topic of the conference can participate in the conference proceedings in plenary and in sections.

Registration for the conference in order to present scientific communications is done online on the Easy chair platform of George Bacovia University in Bacău.

Additional information about the conference can be requested at the e-mail address gabriela.bordeianu@ugb.ro.